About Mandy

Before I begin with lists and facts and other random anecdotes, I believe sharing my purpose, found in Christ, is intrinsically linked to who I am and what I do. Jesus is why I am who I am, and why I do what I do, and in fact, is why I am still here.

Without Jesus, I would’ve committed suicide long ago, and there would be no “About Mandy” page and no blog on which to find it.

You can search out the heart of my purpose amongst my tattoos. One of them quotes Matthew 22:34-40, in which Jesus sums up the entire Bible: love God with all you are and love others as yourself. Another tattoo reads, “The aim of our charge is LOVE that issues from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith,” which is from 1 Timothy 1:5. Another quotes Isaiah 6:8, in which the prophet says, “Here I am Lord, send me.”

The Lord is sending me (through this blog and other means) to love others by showing them the surpassing love of God towards me through sharing my own story, unflattering parts and all. As Paul said about himself, I will boast in only two things: my own flaws and weaknesses, and the cross of Christ. One says I am in desperate need of a savior, the other says Who that savior is.

I also believe sharing how I’ve suffered and the way in which God has enabled me to endure it, will be one of the greatest testimonies of all. I’m bipolar (rapid cycling, type II) and Campbell, my husband, has cancer (Chronic Myeloid Leukemia). I pray by sharing our struggles with you, you’ll find the real miracle is not that we are still alive, but that we are more than simply surviving.

…I will now attempt to do the impossible: provide the cliff notes version of who I am and what I do. (Lord, help me.)

I’m a flawed but devout Christian, wife of sixteen years who married her best friend at nineteen, and a mother of four kids, aged five to twelve.

From left to right: Rowan, Rhu, Campbell, Ian, Me, Ivy

In regards to my personality…

I’m an introvert with oftentimes severe social anxiety, I’m wildly creative, prone to deep depression, idiosyncratic, a terrible speller, awkward or unintentionally charming depending on the day, occasional insomniac, klutzy, a slob, whimsical, contemplative, passionate, mercurial, I can’t cook to save my life, I’m equal parts geek and nerd, a dreamer, namer of inanimate objects, unintentional killer of all green things, lover of books, music, abstract paintings, poetry, tattoos, solitude, wild outdoor places, quiet, odd numbers, camping, hiking, authenticity, art infused with raw passion and vulnerability without the need for perfection, scripture, apologetics, statistics, astrophysics, classical studies, mythology, logic, psychology, and philosophy.

I’m also a bit of a pyro.

Me waiting to go on stage, caught playing with a lighter. I was not happy to have my picture taken without warning but now it’s one of my favorite photos of me.

My favorite book of the Bible is the Gospel According to John, with Psalms and Romans being a close second and third, my favorite author is C. S. Lewis, my favorite apologist is Ravi Zacharais, my favorite number is thirteen because I feel it gets a bad rap, and my favorite color is ultramarine blue, which is also Campbell’s favorite color. (What are the chances we would love the exact same shade of blue? The statistics on that are mind-boggling.)

Me in Chicago, Summer of 2016.

As far as what I do…

I’m a writer of novels, short stories, lyrics, and poetry (which, in my case, is more akin to spoken word than anything else). You can find links and information about what I’m currently writing and follow my journey toward publication as it (hopefully) unfolds here. I’m a classically trained musician (viola) who has a degree in classical music composition because I wanted to be a soundtrack composer since I was seven, but now I write songs, sing lead, and play electric guitar for the alternative rock band, Emissaries. You can listen to our music for free on Soundcloud here. I’m a painter, which is more a therapeutic hobby for me than anything else. I also play soccer in an adult league and used to be good at it. Now I do it for fun. (Side note: I also used to play rugby in college with my identical twin, Maggs, before a bad concussion while playing LSU ended that particular venture… But that’s another story.)

Me playing electric guitar for Emissaries.

That’s pretty much it. I hope this was less painful for you to read than it was for me to write. If you’d like to know a bit more, please read my post “You’re Not Alone.” Blessings, friend.


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    1. Hello David and Laura! What a wonderful, encouraging comment! Thank you! I also look forward to following your blog.
      I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply–my presence on here is dicey and unpredictable, but like you said–I’m here! Praise God. 🙂

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