Hey, my friends, welcome to my artwork page. Here you’ll find everything from Halloween paintings on real pumpkins (no, seriously) to abstract paintings to sketches. I have sold some artwork before, and my mother, who is a professional artist, gave me lessons growing up…but I consider myself an amateur, and I only paint nowadays as a therapeutic outlet, purely for enjoyment. I also sketch now and then, typically jotting them down in my journal, and have done colored pencils in the past. (If you want to check out my pinterest page, click here.)

This is a painting I did on my own from a Painting with a Twist online selection. It’s acrylic, and was a lot of fun to do. It’s also the painting that inspired me to get back into doing artwork more consistently.

“Red Umbrella”

I painted this abstract piece in about an hour with acrylic. I planned on “finishing” it later, but…I kind of like the negative space and most of all that it captured that single moment. It also reminds me of condensation on a window.

“Color Condensation”

This is a sketch I jotted down in my journal. They’re Robins—the bird with my favorite birdsong. The one above is my spirit, the one below is my body. I can “fly” even when my depression is like a clipped wing, grounding me. With Jesus, I can still have wings like eagles! Even if I’m just a little Robin. (Isaiah 40:31)

“Spirit Take Flight”

One night, when the depression was really bad, I painted this with my fingers in about three hours. Time didn’t exist, and the abstract freedom in it helped me find at least some momentary release, like a pressure valve on the lid of a pot of boiling water. So grateful God gave me creativity as a bastion in the dark times…

“Bipolar: The Great Divide”

And finally, here’s those Halloween pumpkin paintings I mentioned…

This one is a Halloween version of Van Gogh’s The Starry Night.

“Spooky Starry Night”

As I live in San Antonio, a place rich in Hispanic culture and traditions (side note: Mexican food is the best!!!), this one was inspired by Dia De Los Muertos, or, The Day of the Dead, which is celebrated on Halloween. This painting design is called a Sugar Skull.

“Sugar Pumpkin Head Skull”

I love cats, so of course I had to do a black cat one. 😉

“Scared to Death; on to the Ninth Life”

This is another quick sketch from my journal, this one in pen as well. I had the idea that I’m like a butterfly because of my fragility (mentally) and because of my transformation coming once the Lord frees me of this cocoon, and I also want to be like an ember, ready to spark revival. Like the followers of Jesus in Acts 2, who had tongues of fire over their heads when the Holy Spirit came, they were not burned because it was the fire of God. So even though it looks crazy (which is one of the reasons why I like the image, haha), it would rather be miraculous for such a thing to happen.


Blessings, friend! And may the Lord protect you, both financially and health-wise, during this unprecedented time. Stay well.

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